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September 7th, 2009, 12:39 PM
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Because of a life-threatening illness I got I've had to put my dd on formula..(Can't nurse for another 7+ days, and that is IF I can even supply enough w/ not nursing for several days now) she's developed a bad rash on her bottom, and NOTHING will help it.. It's raw !! So I'm wondering if she is having a reaction to the formula? I'm using Similac Advanced, and was given a new Similac Isomil or whatever it's called... it's soy based, lactose free.. Do you think I should try that and see if it clears up? I was going to call the doctors today and then realized they aren't open! duh!

Thank you!! What a rollercoaster I'm on..

p.s. I plan on joining this board, now that I'm having to solely supplement..
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