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September 7th, 2009, 12:51 PM
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Did it happen right after putting her on the formula? I have heard of diaper rashes forming from a milk allergy. And just so you know most people who have a milk allergy ALSO have a soy allergy! I would try a milk based lactose free or reduced kind like Enfamil gentlease or Similac Sensitive.

But it may also just be coincidence and have a yeast infection, a very bad diaper rash that OTC creams don't work for. The doc may give you a prescription rash cream or suggest an anti-fungal cream like lotramin.

I would say try either of those formulas first since the docs are closed and lots of nakey time to air out the diaper area and if it's not healing up soon or getting worse call the pedi. Hope you figure it out!

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