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September 7th, 2009, 05:39 PM
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Im new here. Im enduring da darkest time of mah life. Im 25yrs old & i have jus lost mah 1st born son. He was 2 1/2 yrs old. He was mah everythang. I was in love wit him from da very 1st moment i found out i was pregnant. The bond we had was so strong & now dat he's gone, a part of me has gone wit him & i kno dat i will neva b whole again. He was so spoiled & a total momma's boy. He was da light of mah life. He brought so much joy 2 mah soul. I will neva kno happiness again. I cry mahself 2 sleep at nite wondering if its possible 2 die from a broken heart... Its 2 raw rite now 4 me 2 go in2 detail about dis tradgety in mah life... But mah son was taken from me. & da only thang dat soothes mah soul is da fact dat i kno justice will b served & da 1 responsible will face judgement day b4 God. Mah baby is in a betta place now. He is neva told no & even tho he can no longer sit in mah lap... I kno dat he is sitting in Jesus's lap who holds a special place 4 children. Im jus hoping dat reaching out here... i won't feel so alone. I miss mah baby so much & da pain seems 2 much 2 endure. I feel so lost & im searching 4 help... Thank u 4 listening....

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