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September 7th, 2009, 11:17 PM
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Sounds like a yeast infection to me. Bella has gotten quite a few of them recently. Our ped prescribed her Nystatin and within a day or so, it starts to clear up. It works really well. Our ped told us we could continue to use baby wipes bc we use the huggies natural wipes, which are alcohol and fragrance free etc (she told us this when DS had a yeast infection). Also, let her bum air out when/if you can. Oh and when DS, they had us change his diaper often (same for bells), then use cool air from a hair dryer to dry his bum, then put the nystatin on, then destin/buttpaste etc on it as a barrier. With bella, we just put the cream on, then added a bunch of powder. Anyways, hope this helps some. I would def. get her into the ped to get it looked at!

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