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September 8th, 2009, 04:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Martha83 View Post
1. Shortest Labor? How short and which baby? 1.5 hours, #3 Gretchen, Pitocen Induced from the beginning
2. Longest Labor? How long and which baby? Olive, #4, 18 hours...
3. Do you go natural or take the epi? Natural on all four...though on #2 had a dose of nubain...just made me realllllllly sleepy. So really made it worse...cause I couldn't stay awake....hind sight is 20/20
4. Which labor was your scariest? Hmmm....Emma's but not the labor....when she was whisked away after she was born for not crying...that was pretty traumatic...

5. What's your favorite labor story?Olive's....not induced like the other three....relaxed and natural at the birthing center. No rushing doctors checking me....nothing...just me, dh, and us laboring all day....Born in the was beautiful! never again will I birth at a hospital unless it really IS necessary!
I totally agree about the birthing centers. I wish I would have considered it with the first two pregnancies. I am not having any more babies, but I am sooo in favor of birth centers!!

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