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September 8th, 2009, 09:49 AM
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anxiousmom2be, i would like that number. i go to a veterans hospital for my psych evals., so i don't think they get a lot of woman coming in asking a lot of pregnancy questions.

i started taking the zoloft on saturday the 5th, it's only 25mg which i was told is a low dose. it dawned on me saturday when i went into a complete rage and crashed into horrible depression mode over something trivial that this can't be good for a baby. so, with all the good things i'm hearing about the meds, i decided it's better for me to take. as i told my husband, i don't want a baby of ours floating around in hate juice inside me.
this week is time for aunt flow but hopefully she won't come. i'm a nevous wreck waiting to see.
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