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September 8th, 2009, 05:08 PM
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Why do you like "a" so much. Cool names! But them is a lot of a's! wasn't really intended until Elijaah. I just liked Isaac, then named Aaron after me (mn...Erin), realized we had an accidental double a, so I added an extra a to Elijah, then just had to keep going with it after that.

What do you want for your kids in their adult lives? Happiness, stability, love, success (and I don't mean money necessarily, just to succeed at (most) whatever they attempt), contentment.

What do you think the next one will be named? How about Naahum if a boy? That is an old Jewish name. (pronounced Nay-um) Not bad, maybe too close to Naathaniel, but it couldn't be much closer than Isaac/Isaiaah, huh? Ya know I didn't want Maarquay, I wanted Maarcus, his dad didn't like it, said it was too plain. I wish I had insisted upon Maarcus. I have a feeling this is a girl. Maybe Evaani (or Avaani) J'Nessa. Not too sure what a boy wold be. I have always LOVED Obadiaah.
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