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September 8th, 2009, 08:10 PM
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Our hospital calls it's L&D area a birthing center, but it's part of the hospital

1. Shortest Labor? How short and which baby? Clara / #4 - I was induced all four times and they took my advice with her as I went in at 5c so they broke my water right away. Had her within the hour.
2. Longest Labor? How long and which baby? #1, Induced but got an epi and it was SLOW goin' after that.
3. Do you go natural or take the epi?#1 - Epi, #2 Epi- Didn't work but paralyzed my right leg for 12 hours, #3 Statol - stupid waste, kicked in right when she was being born and I was more stoned than pain free, #4 - nothing - Finally
4. Which labor was your scariest? #3. He was stuck and had the cord around his neck so I couldn't push and had to wait for the dr. I was screaming bloody murder and my family was outside trying to get in and then he was born and was whisked away so I just kept screaming "why isn't he crying" he needed air, had blood sugar issues, hole in his heart, his arm had been dislocated so it was all limp, he was totally jaundiced and just plain scary. Now he is a ball of energy. My beautiful boy.
5. What's your favorite labor story? I don't have one actually. Guess I need to have another baby for an exciting labor story. Preferably not induced.

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