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September 10th, 2009, 09:28 AM
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I was listening to the local christian radio station on the way home from an appointment this morning and it just spoke to me and made my heart smile so I thought I would share it with you ladies

A mom had come on the radio and was saying how much she just hated doing laundry....that she could go on sabatical from doing laundry but all the stinky dirty laundry would just pile up and how thankful she was that God never goes on sabatical from doing the laundry of our hearts...that no matter how bad the stains are of hatred and lust and sin are that God is there to wash our hearts get stains and stink of sin out and make us clean again and that He is an an expert in the delicate cycle and knows just how to treat each stain to get it out!

I just felt like I could totally realate to this analogy because I hate doing laundry and have ben very guilty of letting the clothes pile up, give me a thousand loads of dishes and I'll wash until the cows come home but give me a load of laundry and I'd rather scream and run in the other direction but I am so thankful that my heavenly father doesn't scream and run in the other direction when I bring the laundry of my heart to Him!

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