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September 10th, 2009, 01:02 PM
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1. Shortest Labor? How short and which baby? #5 because I had to have a c-section with her due to being breech
2. Longest Labor? How long and which baby? 10hrs baby #3
3. Do you go natural or take the epi? Had a full epi on #1 and #5 the rest I waited till I was 7-8cm for a partial epi. I have a heart shaped uterus and after 7cm it feels like my stomach is going to split in half
4. Which labor was your scariest? #4 He was coming out sideways or something and the dr was trying to turn him before I had to push. He ended up being my biggest at 9lbs 8oz. #5 was scary because it was my 1st c-section
5. What's your favorite labor story? #3 I was having contractions and went to the hospital at night. They didn't believe they were doing anything but kept me there till morning after the dr could talk to me. Dr came in said go walk and relax because I still had 2.5 weeks to go. Nurse said I'll be back with discharge papers then 5 minutes later I called the nurse back in and said rip up those papers, my water just broke.
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