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September 10th, 2009, 02:06 PM
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Absolutely, and you needn't ask permission.

I too was once closed lipped about my Faith. My parents had me study the Bible growing up, and I went to an all girls Bible based college, so I knew enough of the Bible to skew it to fit my own needs. I reached a point in my early 20's that I wanted the Bible to say what I wanted it to say, and when it didn't, I discounted it. After the death of my daughter, I have had a spiritual reawakening, and I'm not so tight lipped any longer. God is at the heart of our family and the discipline and raising of my children, and I'm no longer ashamed.

So far it hasn't gained me much popularity. I speak in defense of marriage and I don't think that people who choose to live together can experience the same commitment than those who are legally married. I did live in sin with my husband before we got married, but I never discounted the holiness of marriage, and take issue when people do it now. I'm not ashamed of this opinion.

2 Tim 1: 8 is now my mantra:

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