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September 11th, 2009, 05:13 PM
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Well, I'm beyond confused and frustrated at this point. My loss this past weekend is now being classified as a chemical, not sure if it was, since it was very early, but it doesn't hurt as much, it just makes it more frustrating. That's the confusion. I do thank you ladies for the hugs, well wishes, and support. I have no friends in real life and my most of my family could care less. Only my dad and step-mom (who I call mom now) are there for me. My own mother never calls me or has anything to do with me. My sisters call me for money and I have cut them off.

The frustration is my truck is now in the shop but it's minor. I hate not having my truck in the drive, I never know when I'm going to need it. It's kinda like an empty wallet feeling. If I have no money, I stress, if I have $10 in it, I'm not so stressed. Not sure what that's all about but it works for me. I'll admit I have a bit of OCD and it drives this family nuts.

On Tuesday, I'm getting getting my PAP and I've asked to be checked for PCOS, I have a strong feeling this is the main issue right now. If that's it, good, if not, well it's more testing but I want to get one thing at a time crossed off the list. Let's hope it's PCOS and nothing worse.

We are now set up with Care One Credit and I'm happy about that. Instead of god knows how many years (roughly 10+) it's going to take us to get out of debt on our own, it's going to take 28 months. VERY happy about that. We'll see how it goes.

Still trying to find a job but when you've been a SAHM with little or no work experience, no one will hire you.

So there is my update for you ladies.

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