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September 11th, 2009, 10:50 PM
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Hello Ladies,

I am new to the website. I read your messages earlier this week and though I'm sad you are dealing with this issue, I was relieved to find out that I'm not alone. My son has a very adult body odor smell under his armpits. I first read the messages on this board the night before I was scheduled to take him to his pediatrician for this body odor problem. I'd like to share my story of what has happened this week with everyone. I hope I don't come across as being negative about anyone's doctor, but I really wanted all of you to hear what my pediatrician and dermatologist have said this week.

My son was born in May of this year and weighed 7 lbs 8 ozs at birth. I breast fed him for 6 weeks and then started him on Similac Sensitive. He now weighs almost 18 lbs so he is a very large healthy boy. His only issues seem to be that he burps constantly and he spits up more often in the last couple of weeks than ever before. When he takes a bottle, we burp him every ounce and he still burps all throughout the day. We use Dr. Brown's bottles with a premie nipple. Another thing that is odd but may not mean anything - until about a week ago, his spit up NEVER smelled like soured milk. Then last Thursday he spit up and it smelled terrible. Since then, sometimes it stinks and sometimes it has no odor at all.

Anyway, back to the point of my message... He is meeting every developmental milestone. Last week, when I first spoke with my pediatrician about the odor, I had given my son a bath so it wasn't present. The pediatrician seemed doubtful of what I was telling him because his experience was that only very sick children had this type of odor, which is due to their illness. This week I did not bathe my son for 36 hours and I took him to the pediatrician so he could smell the scent. He was very puzzled. In his 30 years of practicing medicine, he has seen two babies that had the same odor in their arm pits and both were extremely sick from birth. From the illness he described, I believe he was referring to PKU, which I'm sure you've all probably read about. He told me it was not normal for babies to have this odor.

He has referred us to see a genetics specialist because he has no idea what is causing the odor. He did stress to me that I shouldn't be overly alarmed at this point. He said we are not a typical patient that he would refer to this specialist because our son is so healthy. Our appointment with the genetics doctor is scheduled for early October.

Today, I had to see my dermatologist to have some suspicious areas removed. (Wear sunscreen...) She asked about my son and I told her that he is healthy and doing well, expect for the body odor problem. She immediately said it sounded to her like he may be lacking an enzyme in his digestive system. She said her office has seen patients with that problem. I told her that our doctor had referred us to a genetics specialist and she was surprised because most doctors ignore the problem. She was impressed that he had gone to that step and said that is exactly who we need to see. She asked me lots of questions about a history of miscarriages or mental retardation in the family, which there is none on either side. She specifically mentioned PKU and I said he is not exhibiting any other signs of it. She said there are other conditions similar to PKU but that aren't as severe. She told me that we needed to pursue what we are doing.

Have any of you been referred to a genetics specialist? If so, were there any findings? I hope I'm not causing anyone unnecessary concern, but I wanted to share what our experience has been thus far. If you would like, I will post the results of our appointment with the genetics doctor. Hopefully nothing is wrong at all, but if there is, I just want to get it resolved for my little guy...
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