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September 12th, 2009, 02:16 PM
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Surprisingly NOT happy with our care today.

Problem 1: Not being informed of everything that Joey was going to have done today.
We got to the hospital and during prep, Joey was given an enima (sp?). Wasn't sure why, sice they were doing an endoscopy. Come to find out when the anesthiologist (sp?) came to talk to us about the procedure that he was having an endoscopy AND colonoscopy both with biopsies. I was never informed of this, but agreed since I wanted to find out what was wrong with him, and didn't want him to experience this ever again. Joey took both like a trooper and by the time we got to the hospital room, was (mostly) his happy self again.

Problem 2: Our hospital room
Window being held together with packing tape and mold on the sink of the bathroom were just two problems we had...
Problem 3: Really? Expired formula given to an already sick baby?
Our nurse dropped off to packages of 'ready-to-feed' formula. Thank God I brought mine from home! After mom inspected the case, she saw that the formula had already expired. We didn't get new cases brought to us until we decided to leave the hos[ital. Joey had 3 bottles (of his not expired formula) in that time.

Problem 4: Other specialists
We were supposed to see a nutritionist and speech-pathologist in the hospital today. The nutritionist came only after my mom politely went ape-sh** on the doctor and we told him under no circumstances would we be staying the night. He dragged her in 5 minutes later. The speech-path, they told us, would see us tomorrow if we stayed the night--but they couldn't say when--morning, afternoon (or God forbid) evening. We are making an appointment with this one separately.

When we found out the only reason we would be staying the night was for a morning weight-check and to see the speech-path, my mom helped me to stay strong and insist upon being discharged. We were finally discharged around 4:45.

I'm extremely frustrated right now, and if I'm not provided with answers on Thursday, I will be asking for a copy of our records and making an appointment at Children's Memorial in Chicago.

Here's the copy of my complaint letter to the hospital. I've decided that either way, we're going to change doctor's. I can't stand to stay with this one--who didn't think it important to inform me of everything they were going to be doing to Joey.

To Whom it May Concern:

My son has gotten various tests done at Advocate Lutheran General Children's Hospital over the past few months, and I have always been happy with the care he has received. Yesterday, my opinion of this hospital has changed drastically. I am writing this letter to inform you of our experience.

When we arrived at the hospital on 9/10/09, and my son Joseph was taken back to be prepped for his endoscope, the nurse gave him an enema. I was not informed why he needed this done, just that it was part of the prep. When the anesthesiologist came back to go over the procedure, it was only then did I find out that my son was not only scheduled to have a endoscope, but also a colonoscopy and biopsies with both. Dr. Gunasektera, my son's pediatrician gastroenterologist who works through Lutheran General, never mentioned anything other than an endoscope and perhaps a renal ultrasound. The fact that he was going to have a colonoscopy and that biopsies would be taken during both procedures was a complete surprise to me. However, I agreed, because I wanted to find out what was causing my son's failure to thrive.

Joseph came out of the procedure fine, and we were taken to our hospital room around 10:30. Our nurse, Jennie, was very nice. She told us that Joey's vitals would be taken every four hours. She was very kind to Joey and very informative. She brought us two packages of 'ready-to-feed' formula, which later on, we discovered had expired a couple of weeks beforehand. In my opinion, it is inexcusable for a hospital to make an oversight like that. Expired formula should not be given to any infant—sick or not. We did not see our nurse for a couple of hours after that.

At 1:00 p.m., I called the nurse button to ask Jennie if I should continue giving Joey his medicine (Zantac and Reglan). She came in and said she was going to have the medicine ordered, but to give him the stuff from home until then. I pointed out the expired formula, and she apologized, and said she would come back with new formula and new sheets, as Joey had urinated on the sheets. We never saw Nurse Jennie again until 5:30 p.m. when we were being discharged. At that point she brought the new formula (which I told her we didn't need because we were being discharged). Thankfully, we didn't need the hospital's formula, as I had brought my own from home. My son had four bottles from the time we entered the hospital room until the time we were discharged. No one ever came in to take his vitals, even though we were in the room for seven hours at the time of our discharge.

We were taken to Room 218 at Lutheran General. I was not happy with this room, however, I knew the pediatric ward was busy, and did not ask to have the room switched. The first thing I noticed was that one of the windows we had was missing screws to hold it in place, and was currently being held in place with packing tape. Even though we were in a room with a roof outside the window, this was not safe, and is not what I would have expected in the pediatric ward of a hospital. Our bathroom had mold around the sink. This, on top of not receiving clean sheets for my son to sleep on, were just some of the problems we had with the overall safety and cleanliness of the room.

At this point in time, I have no desire to use Advocate Lutheran General Children's Hospital ever again. Nor would I recommend this hospital to any of my friends that have children. The experience we had on 9/10/09 greatly outweighs any previous positive experience that I have had at this hospital.

Sarah Garcia
Mother to Joseph J. Garcia


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