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September 13th, 2009, 07:39 AM
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I have another thread on here, but I don't like how it looks. I'm starting a new thread to "clean" it up.

I started out after having my first child (when he was 8 months old...after my mom's heart attack death) at 245 pounds. That was in Nov. 2005. I have been working on losing weight since then, but I've had two pregnancies in there also. So, here goes...

260ish pounds (6 weeks postpartum with my first child...4/20/05)

245 pounds (October 2005)

182 pounds (June 2009)

***I'm at 171ish right now, but I need to get some more pictures taken soon.
*** I started at a size 22/24W, and I am now almost completely in a size 14 regular. My goal is to get to 135 pounds or less and wear no more than a size 8. I have 35 or so pounds to go.

(10/12/09...169ish pounds)

165ish pounds (11/14/09)--I'm running my first 5K a week from today. This was just before a run...

Just wanted to show off some newly forming "muscle" pictures. 2/1/10 (158ish pounds)

My old thread:

Thank you, peimum, for my beautiful siggy!

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