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September 13th, 2009, 09:35 AM
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That is really an understandable worry. I have read alot of studies that say most babies who die in utero pass away while mother is asleep-because typically that is when a baby is most active in the womb, hence when that knot develops or the cord wraps too tightly, etc. That is probably when Roald died too though I do remember one terrible day his movements really hurt me and I figured it was just because kicking can hurt...all the books say it can...but that may very well have been his final struggle.

But anyways...I have only had one bad night freak out like this so far. I was fallling asleep one night last week and suddenly thought to myself it had been a few hours since I felt movement.I shot up and really started to worry. I remember my IRL friend who lost her daughter at 40 weeks i nthe early stages of labor telling me after labor started she stopped paying attention to movement and didn't notice until asked at the hospital if she had been feeling movement...she said actually no I haven't...but she hadn't really paid any attention to the fact that Savannah stopped kicking.

So...I don't really have any tips. But I'm sure all of us will experience this. I stayed in bed and tried to relax because I know sometimes she does sleep while I'm in bed. But...hey I know how hard it is not to worry.
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