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April 7th, 2005, 08:35 PM
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I saw that too!

Here is what I found online:

Let the needle tell you.
Here is a method that may surprise you.
What to do:

Thread a sewing needle and knot it
(so the needle hangs about 6-10 inches from the knot).
Hold your left hand out, palm down.
Hold the knot in your right hand
with the forefinger and thumb only.
Holding your left hand still,
swing the needle so the needle hits
the inside curve of your thumb
(where the thumb meets the hand) three times.
Then turn your left hand over
and move the right hand over the left,
holding the needle just an inch or so
above the palm of the left hand.
Hold both hands still
and let the needle do the work.
The needle will begin to move:

Circles = girls
Lines = boys
It will stop moving completely in between each pregnancy.
Turn off any fans
and make sure circulating air
is not affecting the reading.

So, yes, it seems as though you should be pregnant when doing it.
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