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April 23rd, 2006, 06:44 PM
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My step sone called me mama michelle until we got married then it went to michelle. since i had collin he won't even talk to me. My step daughter told us that since we had the collin thier mother told them they wouldn't be as important to us and and we wouldn't need them anymore He trust his mother so there you have it. I really miss him and miss how close we use to be and wanted him to be a part of collin's life. I think how your step kids see you has so much to do with how the birth mother acts torwards you.[/b]
that's horrible. some ex's should just . . . be sent to a different planet. you could try telling collin that his mom is worried about him (i can't think of a good reason, but whatever) and that you want him to know that he is still very important to you. tell him that even though he might not believe it now, just to keep an open mind and he may eventually see that he's still important to you.

good luck!!

df's son's mom is wicked evil too - i put nothing past her
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