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April 24th, 2006, 03:30 PM
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Hi there, Im on both sides of the fence - a birht mom to one, and a step mom to the other.

I have had a lot of trouble with the insurance from my sons father, and quite frankly dont care WHO carries it as long as my son is covered.

And as a stepmother - I carry my step son on MY insurance. DH & I work for the same company, but when we got married it made it easier to do it this way for legal reasons.

Now - as for your hearing - how does the court order read? Most say that the father must provide insurance as long as it is reasonably available. ANd in most states, you can only request an increase so long as there is a substantial change of circumstances that would result in a certain % change in the CS. Usually you cant go back just becuase (every state is different though).

I would argue that since DH doesnt get insurance right now for whatever reason, that its not reasonably available to him through his employer, but he is providing it through his wife. After all - even though your income cant be used to compute CS, when it comes to insurance, household money is being used.

So... I would say he is providing insurance, its just being held in your name. lol.

On what grounds is she asking for an increase in CS?

BTW - my Hs sons mother had a problem with ME carrying the insurance initially, and when it was brought up in court, this same point was made and our judge told her the point was to provide the child with health coverage, not to play games.


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