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September 22nd, 2009, 12:18 AM
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Hello everyone

I just want to introduce myself to this board. I have some questions!

I just had my second daughter 4 weeks ago and I know that i have PPD.
I had it with my first daughter 2 years ago and was getting treatment but it didn't work very well. I think I was taking the wrong type of pills or the wrong dose. There was not much improvement and I went off the pills. A few months later, The morning before I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd I had a doctors appointment and we discussed the depression again and I was going to go on different anti-d's but wasn't able to take them while pregnant but I didn't know I was pregnant so I decided that I would go back on them. Than that night I found out that I was pg and I did not treat it.
Now I am really feeling that I need some help. I feel sad and ashamed but it's really been affecting my life in a bad way and my DH can see it and feel it and i'm tired of being a miserable b***h to him and everyone else. I feel ready for treatment and I just want to be back to somewhat "normal".
I don't have my post partum appointment until Oct.19 though so I hope I can hang in there until than.

I have a few questions.
Is it safe to take the medication while breastfeeding?
What medications were you taking? When did you start to notice a difference? Was it dramatic or small differences at a time?
Did you have any side effects?
How long have you been on them or how long were you on them? Wil I have to be on them forever? Both my Nana and my mom have depression
Is it safe to take with birth control?

I really hate knowing that I have it and it's come back full force. I feel so out of control and wish i could just make it go away. I can pretend to be happy everyday but I just feel miserable. My life is pretty much great and perfect but for some reason I just can't feel happy or motivated and I'm really just tired of being a grumpy cow who is angry all the time I just want to be better..

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