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September 22nd, 2009, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Cheryl33 View Post
wow, crazy story! Not sure where you are located, but it's great that they "let" you have them vaginally. Most places would be prepping you for a section faster than lightening, I love the names, River was our back up name just in case our daughter came out a boy. Post pics for us to see soon! I hope they are ready to come home to you asap. Did they give you a time frame estimate?
The OB did have an OR getting ready in case we needed it, and an anasteisalogist (thats not spelled right) in case I wanted meds. But I'm not sure there would've been time! From start to finish it took about an hour and fifteen minutes for both babies to arrive.

My doctor says I get to go home tomorrow morning (I'm doing well, they just want to keep me for one more day to make sure I'm fine) and the twins' doctor says he wants them to gain at least one pound each and be able to breath without oxygen. Sunni is doing fine without the oxygen (she struggles a little, but can do it), River is still having some problems without oxygen. The doctor said he'd really like to see them each gain 2lbs before letting them go home, but as long as they keep doing well he'll let them go once they each hit 5lbs. Hopefully they gain quickly!
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