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April 25th, 2006, 07:17 AM
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again, i suggested a child psychologist. i believe that the reason why he keeps on repeating the act is because there's no authority figure in our house. he could easily manipulate the elders into believing that he won't steal anymore but still keeps on doing it.

have you told anyone that? i'm sure you're right.

no good advice, but i wanted to wish you good luck![/b]
thanks so much. my DH's uncle talked to me a week ago about my stepson. i told him my opinion and he agreed with me. what's more, he talked to my PILs about it and they told DH & me that they are, sort of, turning over SS to us. next week, i scheduled an appointment with our local social welfare office where they would be talking to my SS. I just hope everything would turn out ok. again thanks so much.
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