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April 8th, 2005, 11:56 AM
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Hello all,

I am almost 37 weeks pregnant with 4th(35 yrs old) child and have been diagnosed with a leaky mitral valve in my heart. My heart is also very enlarged. OB sent me to cardiologist who has now put me on bedrest. I get palpitations every so often and get winded just walking upstairs. I also have PIH which is possibly turning into precclampsia which I also had with baby #1. I am gaining up to 10lbs a week and am so swelled up I cannot even walk now. feet look like a blown up rubber glove and the welling isnt limited to my feet as it goes all the way up legs and arms and face. My toxemia lab at hospital was negative so they did not induce me. My heart rate is up so high that I get dizzy and I feel chest pains sometimes. This pregnancy has been a nightmare wioth every symptom imagineable that I didnt get with previous 3 children (they were all girls and this one is a boy)

Has anyone had a heart murmer like this in pregnancy,or been told their heart is very enlarged? if so how did delivery go and how was babies health? Ultrasounds say baby was already 7lbs at 35 weeks and by all accounts is healthy.....but boy I am not.
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