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April 25th, 2006, 08:15 AM
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Sorry girls, once again I've slacked off, these darn migraines have been hitting me everyday and Stormy has been going to the doctor almost every week.
Here is another trick that is made simply by inserting your hook someplace other than where it usually goes. It's called the spike stitch. This stitch creates long strands of yarn across both the front and back of your fabric, and it's particularly nice when made with 2 or more colors, so that yarn of the second color looks like it's dipping down into the previous row - almost like one of those 1970s sand terraruim designs. It can be made using stitches of any length. To do a spike, make your stitch in the usual way, but first insert your hook into a stitch from the row below - there's usually something of a hole there for you to stick your hook into. And remember, crochet stitches are staggered so this hole may not be directly below the next stitch but off to the side a bit. Now when you draw up your yarn, you need to draw up a much longer loop than usual. so that you can get the sitch up to the row where it's supposed to be in the first place (naughty row dipping stitch!). Complete the stitch as usual. Enjoy!

sorry no video today, I couldnt find one but if anyone else can please post it!!
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