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September 23rd, 2009, 11:46 AM
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Welcome.. I'm Tami... Sorry it took so long to write... I went threw the same thing... But i have a 15 yr old & she was right there with me .. supporting me when they said i had to have a c/s ..... i was a single parent for 13 yrs... mom got breast cancer .. beat that,,, then got bone & liver cancer & she fought that for 2yrs... i found my long lost first love 9 nov 07.. we got engaged in apr. She then got a UTI & that's when they started doing more test & while waiting.. she just kept telling me that she told them she don't care what she has just keep her well untill sept ( my b-day & our wedding. )
Unfort. 2 weeks later we were rushing her up on live support then bringing her home to pass..... So we got married early in 1 day we got a wedding party ,,JP,, rings & licence & we wed before she passed,,, BUT she was not wake to see it... we remarried in sept with her candle lite the whole time.... I then got prego YES 15 yrs later i'm prego....
I had some complactions so i had to try & keep myself in a bubble of happyness & it's hard b/c EVERYTHING is amplafyed i joined JM & tricked my mind on a couple things ... but it is hard I still cry ever month on the 23rd..... i think what was really hard was taking her up to the grave after she was born....

Jm has alot of supporter on here to help... join the due date boards etc.. it will help ... I wish you all the best of luck we are here for you & will help you in any way possible... Keep us posted ok

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