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April 25th, 2006, 10:39 AM
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January DDC for 2007 is up. I was orginally part of the Jan DDC for 2006. Not sure why it makes me sad to see the Jan DDC come up. I guess it just brings back those memories of when I got my BFP with my angel baby. How happy I was, all the problems I had and then of course her loss.

Oh and you know what REALLY bugs me. I am definately showing by now, I've been showing for awhile, but I hid it, but now there is no hiding this big belly. So people who didn't know I am pregnant are coming up and saying Oh you're pregnant again! How is it going this time any problems? I mean geeze, do you ask normal pregnant women if they are having problems? No you just say congratulations, when are you due? And when I say everything is going well they say something like Oh it will be perfect this time, everything will be fine. Like they know! I know they don't mean anything by it, but I just wish people would say congratulations, when are you due, do you know what it is etc, the NORMAL things you say to a pregnant mom. I hate being different. Know what I mean?

I also hate it when people tell me Oh your pregnancy is going by so fast for me. Umm well it isn't for me! I had so much worry and waiting for testing and results in the first 24 weeks it hardly went by fast.

Sorry to vent. Just came out of nowhere!
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