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April 25th, 2006, 11:20 AM
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Count me in on all of the above!

I too have tried to hide this pregnancy, although I have been showing for a bit now. FOr instance, today I had a luncheon with some important people in my facility... I was going to wear this dress that I bought during my last pg, but when I put it on I felt I looked 'too pregnant.' I didn't want any conversation revolving around my pregnancy, even in the slightest. So I resorted to a pants suit which disguised me a bit better..... I just don't feel like discussing my loss, especially in mixed company.

And people DO ask stupid questions. It seems like every few weeks someone was asking how my baby was... very uncomfortable, and it pretty much destroyed me for the rest of the day, KWIM? Like I'm not thinking about it every second anyways....

I have tried really hard (as I know you have too, Susan) to stay positive. You mentioned in another post how you spent half your life feeling angry and resentful, and that really hit home for me. I WAS like that for a long time.... now, not so much. I still have my moments though, as do we all. We can't change how people act, but we can modify how we re-act to them. They just don't get it, and maybe they never will.... I know I see a lot of strength in you, which I find to be inspiring.

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