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September 24th, 2009, 05:49 PM
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I can't figure out my body! To put it simply!

My cycles are really crazy - after being on hormonal birth control to try to solve some problems and they ended up creating more, I went off of it about 6 months ago (spring break-ish, March?), My cycles are just SO irregualar. I started keeping up w/ my cycle on fertility friend (I know its not for preventing pregnancy - but it really helps to keep track of my cycles until we are ready to TTC). So far I've just been check CM and cervical position, and I'm just really really lost.

When you ovulate you should see egg white CM and your cervix should be low, soft, and open right? When your not ovualating (after O mainly) you should not see any CM correct and your cervix should be high firm and closed?

Any suggestions to keeping track of this? I'm so tired of my cycles being SOO irregualar and unpredicatable. But I'm trying to understand all the types of CM and in what order I should see them, etc.
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