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September 25th, 2009, 07:44 PM
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Nope. Honestly, it's alot milder than everyone was predicting. So many people in my city and subdivisions have it. At least 500 students at all the major colleges around here have it. It is dangerous to pregnant women and infants. For others, it's milder than the normal influenza that goes around every single year. It was blown way out of proportion IMO.
Not saying it isn't something to worry about. Good handwashing, staying home if you are sick will help protect you and others. But the vaccine has only been out for a VERY short time. They are still trialing it. I am 100% for vaccines but I will not get one that hasn't even been trialed a year. And I'm not giving it to my kids. I already got the influenza vac. and my DH and son will as well to protect the baby.
I think I'm more against it since it's so new because w/ the rotovirus vaccine. (Oral vac. given to infants) it's ok now. But when it first came out, they discovered after a year that it caused intussuception in infants.
Anyway, sorry for the tangent!
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