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September 26th, 2009, 08:04 AM
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I'm not doing too badly. Found out my lungs are ok, which is great. I think they'll test me regularly for that. Also just got a test for Sjogren's, but lately my mouth's been nice and moist, so maybe it was just meds making it dry.

My hands are starting to stiffen up a bit, but still, nothing too bad.

One really annoying thing I'm finding, though, is when I'm on calcium channel blockers for Raynaud's, I have long menstrual periods (2 weeks). Not sure if its that medication that's doing it, or the interaction between it and my birth control pills. Don't want to get tubes tied, though, because I heard that also can increase menstration, and don't want that at all! One week's enough, thank you! But since you were able to go medication-free, maybe I can do it by keeping warm enough, too.

My biggest problem is FATIGUE. Sometimes crippling at times. I guess that's probably a biggie for most autoimmune disorders.

My parents have been on the look-out for rabbit's fur mittens, but they seem hard to come by nowadays. I may have to find something with wool instead (if I can find anything, that is). You'd think Canada would have better winter gear. It's all the new-fangled man-made stuff.

Thanks for asking!

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