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September 27th, 2009, 03:16 PM
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well i didnt end up going to the new church i was planning on, my best friend was driving by as I was walking to it and asked if we would like to go to their i went with them. Their church was awesome and it felt like every song we sang and the message of the sermon was aimed right at me and all i could do was cry.
I cried because I was missing the baby we lost and I cried because i take out my feelings on my SO because he is away at work and I feel that sometimes he doesnt support me. But he does and God showed me how he does in his way. And I cried because I realized after so long I should just put all my trust in God and let him lead me. And after I was done. I felt soo relieved..although i think my friends mom thought i was nuts!.
I still feel a little emotional but i know that tonight when i talk to my SO I will tell him how i feel and he will understand me and i wont get upset with him. It just feels so awesome.

sorry but i had to share, most of the ppl i talk to dont go to church so they would have no clue.

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