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September 27th, 2009, 07:52 PM
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Each midwife appt that did not have a blood draw or other procedure done was $200, with a procedure or blood draw add $25.00-$150.00
I went 1x a month until 28w, then 2x a month until 34w, then 1x a week until I was admitted for induction at 37w - had I kept going I would have been going 3x a week due to the severitity of my pre-e

One trip to L&D at 25w for lack of fetal movement - 5 hours there, only had fetal and BP monitoring and a urine dip for protein - $2,325.48

2 NST a week from 28w-37w - $100/each

Each ultrasound - $300.00 (I had two, one at 19w3d, and then a growth scan at 33w4d)

I had a vaginal birth, no epidural, no pain meds, but I was induced due to HELLP so I had

Cytotec - $40.00
Pitocin - $300.00
Magnesium - $110.00
Vancomyocin (I was GBS +) - $89.00
AROM - $28.00
Labor - $14,289.21
Constant Fetal Monitoring - $38.00
Internal Monitor - $29.00
Bloodwork (which is what caused me to be admitted) $100.00
Private LDR (Labor, delivery, recovery) room - $6,200
Room Service $ 500 (i ordered fruit and cheese tray 2x, a breakfast skillet and a bowl of frosted flakes and a banana for food...i also ordered total 10 glasses of apple juice, 14 glasses of milk, 6 glasses of grape juice, and a nutri grain bar, everything else i sent dh after takeout!)

Even though I had a LDR room I had to be transferred to post partum because L&D got too full, so
Post Partum room - $1500.00
NICU (Even though Brylie didn't GO to the NICU, they just monitored her from our room and came to eval her immediately at birth) - $4500.00
Nursery (even though the only time she was in the nursery DH was with her - she had to have the hearing test and a car seat trending done because she was having spells of apnea) - $870.00

Med/Surg supply (I had one stitch, no vacuum or forceps, no episotomy, etc) $199.86
Pharmacy (They give you stool softeners, motrin (which I didn't take) and then normal RX you take daily) $130.00

thats the break down from my experience! i was as detailed as I could be becaues I unfortunately had tons of interventions and a semi complicated pregnancy....I do know had I had an epidural those are like $800 or so

fortunately my insurance covers pregnancy/labor/delivery/post partum 100%

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