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September 29th, 2009, 01:16 AM
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Hi hun

I have rocked back and forward with my faith constantly. I am now at peace with it. I do think, based on your conversation, that you feel so disconnected to it b/c you just dont put in any effort (no offense but i have been through this btw). I attend shul regularly now and i know ppl. feeling part of the community is what shul is about. you cant just show up on the high holidays and everyone welcomes you with smiling embraces. they dont know you. if you want to feel jewish, you have to put in some effort. Hashem wants a realtionship with you, but how can your soul feel a connection to Him if you put in no effort?

I am not talking massive steps here. just start attending on shabbos. maybe even just once a month in the begining. get to know some of the ppl. thats what i did. i must say, it does help that my hubby is jewish as its something we share. i love going to shul now. i have my shul friends and they have become my social friends too. its about attaching to the jewish community. there is method in the madness of creating a minyan.

I mean, at neilah (concluding service of Yom Kippur) the emotions that you share with the ppl around you is incredible. i feel so blessed. It was hard to overcome my inital shyness, but you know, we all have to start somewhere....

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