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September 29th, 2009, 02:23 PM
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I called the case worker today to give her the address that we got last was a new one...i can never speak to the same lady..which annoys me! ...anyways so goes on to tell me that she has no clue about who im talking about..but will pass my info on.
I told her she needs to send someone to the address today..and she says well there has to be a complaint..and i told her to look on the file because there is a removal order and alert for my SO;s kid.
Then I ask her if they will contact us when they get him...probably not..he will be put in foster care...what the heck? i ask her why and she says well his father hasnt seen him in 6months...that is because she took off..and then she tells me they dont do custody..i know..ive had this conversation before. I was nice and polite and asked all the questions that came to mind. She told me to get a lawyer cuz we'd have a better chance then. really? in what day and age are we living in when a childs bio dad has to fight to get him back???
I contacted the court counselor..they are calling me back with an appointment.
I contacted mediation..we have a appointment oct 27... like that will work.but its worth a try
and then i contacted PAS(parenting after seperation) because its a course that is mandatory to take if you are going for custody of a i have to take it anyways because of my we go there tuesday and thursday next week.
Its just sooo sure our visit with the court counselor will help. He is filing for custody and I am filing a contact order so i can see him when my SO is out of town.
But if the judge looks into everything..they are supposed to place the child where his best interests are...where would u place him?
sorry had to frustrated..but it will all work out.

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