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September 30th, 2009, 09:32 AM
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Just an update to what I had posted earlier...I took my little man in June to his 4 month wellbaby check. I mentioned it to the pediatrician, and she could smell it herself but wasn't overly concerned about it at that time because he had no other symptoms. She told me if I noticed any hair growth under his arms, pubic area, etc. to bring him back in. About a week later, I was changing his diaper and noticed little blonde hairs growing on his scrotum. They didn't look like pubic hair but it still worried me, so back to the doctor we went. She sent us to a local hospital for blood work to have his testosterone checked because we were worried it could be precocious puberty. Those test results came back as slightly elevated. Our pediatrician contacted a pediatric endocrinologist and told her all about our situation. The pedi endocrinologist told us there was another blood test that could be done called an ultrasensitive blood test to get a better idea of where his levels are compared to other infants. She also said that babies have what they call a "mini puberty" that happens right around 4 months of age, where the hormones rise. I had never heard that before, but thats what the specialist said.

We went for the blood work, which all came back great!! No precocious puberty!! We were so relieved!! Dr told us it was just a benign condition that would eventually go away on its own, and it has! Just took a couple months.
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