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October 1st, 2009, 08:47 PM
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Long read!

It all started on Saturday.. I noticed I was leaking a lot more discharge/fluid than normal and was worried it was amniotic fluid, so my husband and I made a trip to L&D to have it checked out. The doctor checked me out and told me it was just bloody show, and I was only 1 cm dilated. We left thinking we had a couple more weeks left of my pregnancy!

That night we went to bed early because my husband had to work at midnight. Around midnight, I woke up because I felt wet and thought I had peed in bed lol. I sat up and suddenly tons of fluid gushed out of me! At first I thought I was dreaming and not controlling my bladder, but I moved again and even more liquid came out. My husband was in the shower and I yelled "Jeff! I think my water broke!" I was kinda freaking out. My Husband jumped out of the shower and was just like "Ok lets go!" I took a shower real quick because there was fluid all over me, then we left for the hospital.

Once at the hospital, they confirmed my water broke and put me into an L&D room. We hung out with my mom and little sister for a while; I wasn't contracting much at all at this point. A couple hours later, I could really feel the contractions. I had to have an internal monitor to watch the contractions which were pretty regular, although not strong enough. My husband was on the phone calling his parents and even tried to give me the phone to talk! I yelled at him to get the F away from me with the phone!! lol!

I went at it on my own for the next few hours, and went from 2cm to 5cm but then stopped progressing. The doctor put me on a low dose of pitocen and from there I went to 8 then 10cm. I asked for an epidural after laboring for 7 hours, then the anesthesiologist took forever to come with the drugs! lol. I finally got the epidural and felt SOO much better, although I was shaking like crazy!

In all I labored for about 18 hours and pushed for 20 minutes. Kirra was born at 6:22 pm on September 27th, 2009 at 37 weeks exactly. She weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces and was 18 inches long. Her apgar score was 9/9.

When we were getting ready to transfer to our room, the nurse noticed her stool had blood in it. The pediatricians came up to check her out; she looked great but they wanted to do some tests that night and took her to the NICU. I was so overwhelmed and bummed because I wanted her all to myself that first night. The tests showed that the blood in her stool was mine, not hers, which was so good to hear. They think that she swallowed some somehow (my amniotic fluid was pink when my water broke).

We left the hospital after 3 days and are so glad to be home! Kirra is having trouble latching to my breasts so we are working on that and supplementing with formula. We are so in love with her!! She has the longest toes and fingers we have ever seen, and her fingernails are like claws. we call her "freddy kreuger fingers" lol!

Here are some pics of our baby girl! Thanks for all the well-wishes!

Happy Birthday Kirra!!

Leaving the hospital!
Kirra Kanoe
9.27.09 <3

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