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October 6th, 2009, 01:35 PM
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It went great...I did my GBS swab so I guess I will find out those results next week, I lost 2 pounds YAY! So now I'm at 18 pounds total gain for this pregnancy, my blood pressure was ok although the top number was up a bit but honestly, I hadnt drank enough water yesterday so I think that has something to do with, I'm measuring at 38 weeks now so just a week ahead instead of 2, Cole's heartrate was great 140's, he is head down (thank God!) and she did a rough guess-timate of his size and said she thinks he is in the higher range of 7 pounds but she said she can get a better idea of size once I'm actually in labor...I'm expecting him to be 9 pounds at birth so we will see.

She gave me some things to try to stimulate labor or atleast get things more prepared for labor, so I've got some work to do this week She also told me to increase my Mother's Cordial tincture from one dose a day to three doses a day.

And....this is the really good part, I don't know if some of you remember me posting about being stressed about not being registered at the birth center yet, well I told Marie(my midwife) that I hadn't registered yet but was going to on this coming Monday, well that made her a bit nervous so she said she was going to fax over my records and a copy of my insurance card and for me to call them this morning to make sure that they recieved all of it and to tell them about my situation and ask what would happen if I went into labor before I had the chance to register, well the gal that I talked to at the BC said she recieved my paperwork and if I did go into labor to come to the BC and they would just have me fill out the paperwork after the birth! I was SOOOOO relieved to hear this! I am so totally not stressing anymore!

Anyway, sorry to write an essay but I just wanted to share! Thanks for reading!
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