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October 7th, 2009, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by momtoakand? View Post
Not trying to threadjack but I wonder how true the weight loss thing is cuz if that's the case then maybe I will be going soo too, since I lost 2 pounds this week....
Anywho, it's always very nice when you don't gain yet another pound, especially this late in the game, it kind of cheers you up, atleast it does me! Karen, you are so close, I really hope you are right about the date, that would be so cool! Not long at all now! Oh, did you get checked again? If so, any progress? GL and KUP!
I did actually get checked .. two appts ago I was told Kaiser doesn't check regularly due to increased risk of introducing infection but they offered this time since I am so close to my EDD. Anyhow - I was only 1cm and I didn't bother asking about softening or effacement or anything since some of the ladies here seem to walk around for weeks at 3cm 50% effaced and nothing and others are 1cm at an appt and go into labor that night!

As much as I'd like to know when I am going to go into labor (cause I just really want to be prepared!) I am still enjoying not having an induction or a c-section schedule and letting labor be a surprise

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