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October 7th, 2009, 02:09 PM
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ive had 3 inductions done 3 different ways.. lol

my first i was 4-5 cm and like 75% when i went in, and also GBS+. they started the antibiotics and broke my water.. then an hour later gave me the pit to get things going.. he was born 6 hrs and 49 mins after they broke my water..

my second was induced early due to a few different reasons. i was only 1-2cm and "soft" so i got the cervadil and after 2 doses of that they started the pit and after a few good contractions, broke my water.. that baby was born 6 hrs and 49 mins after my water was broken..

my 3rd.. i was 3-4cm and 50% and very soft.. but the baby was floating pretty high.. pit was started and water was broken at the same time.. but i had to lay down for a while till the baby's head engaged.. 8 hour labor start to finish, but 4 hours of pain.. (the first 4 hours were mearly BH's)

good luck!! feel free to PM me if your doc isnt clear.. im no pro but def. BTDT
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