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October 7th, 2009, 04:58 PM
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My name is Amber I am 26 and DF is 40. I have a wonderful 6year old daughter. Every since I could remember, I have always wanted to adopt a child. Not necessarily a baby (which really wouldnt be a bad thing) but I am not opposed to a child under the age of 12. I have been looking into the adoption through agency and stuff and realized this is almost an impossible thing for us at the present time of my life. This doesnt discourage us though. I have a good job and my fiance has a good job also, but for the prices 20-30,000 is just a little much in todays society. I was wondering if maybe you ladies could help me out with anwers. We live in michigan so michiganders please, if you know anything, any info is appreciated. How would I go about finding a mother that wants to give her baby/child up for adoption without going through an agency? Not Illegally, but is there a way to like "advertise"? If the child is older, would I be able to adopt the him/her or can I only adopt babies through direct adoption? Would I pay for the biological mothers hospital bills and stuff if we found a mother? How does it all work I guess is what Im asking. Anything is appreciated. Thanks ladies. I really appreciate anything you have to offer! Im just a little confused on the process and everything.
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