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April 9th, 2005, 03:55 PM
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I had this happen....I knew I was leaking amnicotic fluid even though the nurses in labor and delivery said I wasnt...they sent me home.... I stole some of that paper they use that turns green when amniotic flouid is present right off the nurses cart before i left......The next time I felt the leaking I rubbed the tape down there and sure enoughy it turned I went back to hospital and showed them. They were not so happy I swiped some of the tape but they did admit me. As soon as a nurse with some experience under her belt checked me (I was 39 weeks) she lifted the babies head in my uterus slightly and the water came gushing....

If you feel a trickle come down your vagina its probably amniotic fluid.... You can tell the difference between pee and natural vaginal discharge is thicker and pee doesnt trickle from your vagina....

Keep going back to hospital and swipe some of that tape they use to test for amniotic contractions never started like some people said here....if I had not done that who knows how long Id have sat at home risking possible infections from broken bag of water...
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