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October 10th, 2009, 05:23 PM
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I'm gunna try and make a long story short.. woke up Thursday morning (the 8th) with some contractions and started timing them they were still 6-7 mins apart so I laid back down. DS woke up around 9 and I told him I would go get him breakfast after my next contractions (LOL) just as I finished saying that my water broke. I went to the hospital and they didnt think I looked like I was in enough pain to be in labor! (ARE YOU KIDDING ME I WAS DYING AT THAT POINT!) then they put me on a broken monitor that wasn't picking up my contractions and they told me they were going to do some tests to make sure my water was broken at which point I was cringing in pain but they still didnt believe me, so the doctor goes to do an exam tried to put the forceps in but couldnt cause the babies head was right there! The doctor looked up and said "Oh shes complete! You're having a baby!" To which I just said "No f**king *****!" (I wasn't happy lol) So I asked again for some pain medication and he told me he didnt think that was going to happen cause I had to be in labor and delivery for that and that I would probably be giving birth in the ER... They rushed to get me a room in L&D and on the way they kept telling me not to push that they didnt want to deliver a baby in the hallway. I got upstairs and they were like ok now you can push, I was in so much pain with every contraction I would tense up and couldn't bring myself to push so they decided to try the epi see if it would kick in before Jordan came out. Soo they got it in and then the nurse decided to go to lunch and the midwife to a meeting! What happpened to pushing?! Half an hour later I felt some pressure and told DH to look and see if he could see the head (thats what it felt like) but DH wouldn't (jerk!) so I called the nurse but felt something moving so I peaked down there myself and his head was out! As I sat up the rest of his body slid right out as well! So the nurse made it in there just in time to cut the cord, which I was kinda mad about cause Jeff didn't even have the option of doing it.. they were only nurses and not accustom to doing that kinda thing alone I don't think but still. Annnd thats how Jordan got here.. no pushes, no tears. 6lbs 15ounces and 20 inches long at 12:49 perfectly healthy.

Oh yea and you can see lots of pictures here Jordan pictures by xihateu121x - Photobucket

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