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October 11th, 2009, 02:11 PM
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wow i think they're are 3 9 pound babies so far. heaviest i think goes to sara by one oz but everyone the other two were 9 even i think.
i know i wont have a nine pounder, i just dont make big babies, however i think she may be 25 inchews j/k
though measure your baby again a couple days after sometimes they shrink i had a friend who gave birth to a 22 inch baby who ended up being 19.5 a couple days later at the docs office. they said something about the head after being bron they sometimes have the cone head ya know? not always super prominent but their head was shaped for birthing, well once theyre head goes to normal shape then measure and that should be theyre real height. mine though never changed height, they alwasy grew... so i guess its different with everyone. my friend also is like 5 foot even so her babies must have been cramped in there.
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