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October 11th, 2009, 02:25 PM
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haha i was telling dh last night th at i was going to be prenant until january! i think thas how we know its gonna be over really soon when we start talking like that sara's right its over in a blink of an eye though. im trying hard to enjoy the last few days of my pregnancy, but im so eager to get her out of me! i actually like labor though im weird. its so exciting waiting to see if the contractions are getting closer then they are and you get ready for the hospital and i dont know its just so exciting. then the next thing you know youve got a slimy squiggly baby laying on your tummy. im ready to have my body back to though... it is ruining me and dh's relationship for me. i just have no sexual desire and when we do it casue i just do it for his sake and getting abby out sake its so uncomfy and i feel so gross. i cant wait for the relationship i need back with hubby. anyway sorry to go out there on ya. ive got a feeling we'll go somewhere around the same time though... not sure why just think we will.
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