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October 11th, 2009, 02:34 PM
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until my edd. finally single digits. its so exciting. im hoping i go this tuesday. it would be an opportune day. not sure if its gonna happen though. but a women can hope. wow i cant believe we are all here at the end, its weird how time goes so fast. it seems like we were all in line waiting for our big ultrasounds dates. theres always something to be excited about always something that we were being excited over. and now its really all almost over, i cant wait to be pregnant again, i know before i thought i was done for sure, but i so much want one more now. i know dh will want one too. the only reason he was writing it off was my back problems. but he just loves kids so much. i was talking to him the other night though and he said we should start having abby talk again in january!!!!! yeah!!!! now thats talking not trying but talking about talking means he doesnt really wanna be done either!!! im so happy. people are gonna think were nuts! this baby makes 5 for hubby, and hes gonna be 50 in march so its not like were two young kids.. well one young kid and a craddle robber yes there is 22 yrs between us! anyway sorry to go off on a huge post. im so happy and excited about lots today. i know its gonna be any time now and im soo excited to meet her, and im so excited that she prob wont be my last. and im soo excited that ill get my body back for a little bit too. all so exciting! oh and the season is almost over so ill get my husband back! life is great!

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