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October 13th, 2009, 08:30 AM
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My birth daughter is 17 and the adoption was very much an open one.

My birth daughter is on my facebook and we talk often. Last night I got an email from her...

When I was pregnant with her I wrote a diary and gave to her MOM to give to her, when she was older and felt the time was right...

Well apparetnly she found this Diary before her mom gave it to her.
She asked me about it (or if I even remeber it) and if there was anything else that I may have written or given to her that her MOM is with-holding...

Wow talk about putting me in a spot,,, because I have sent her cards and presents over the years
know I have no idea if MOM has given them to her or not. I would assume that she did, but don't want to rock the boat (so to speak) My birth daughter knows all about me, her siblings
(as I have 3 more children).

So I emailed her back and told her that I absolutely remember the Diary book, and I was sure her MOM was not with-holding anything from her and that she was most likely going to give it to her when she was 18. I asked her if she talked to her MOM about it and if she hadn't then I strongly suggest that she did. I then told her that her MOM loves her very much.

Now the fact that she has held on to this Diary all these years, tells me that she is not with-holding it. After all if she had no intentions of giving it to her she would never have held on to it for all this time.

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