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October 13th, 2009, 04:40 PM
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Hi girls! I am 7 weeks postpartum today and I returned to work this week. I cry when I have to leave my son and I am on edge all day long. I am short with my 21 month old and dont feel like doing things around the house. I do not have a choice but to do everything. My husband does not help me do anything. I get home from work at 5 and I have to wash bottles, pump, do laundry, bath the kids, feed the kids, get bottles made for the next day...etc. While my husband sits on his *** the whole time I am doing this. I dispise him most days. He will not help with the baby ever and calls his mom to come over when I have to work late or something. Hubby is useless and I am so fed up. I feel like everything is in a whirl wind around me and I feel so spent. I need him to help more and when I tell him, he says he will and then wstill does nothing. I do all the daipers too. I just wish things were different. I love my kids, but I feel like some days I have nothing more to give.
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