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October 13th, 2009, 05:31 PM
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Everything looked pretty protein in my pee but I did spill some glucose but that was likely due to drinking a Sprite before I went to my appointment so it's ok, blood pressure is alright 132/70, I hope it doesnt get any higher, I gained back the 2 pounds I lost last week and gained another pound on top of that so I'm at 21 pounds gained now, Cole's heartrate sounded great, he is head down but still high, I'm GBS negative so that's good too.

I guess I must have been desperate last night because I asked Marie to check me and sweep my membranes I'm still 2 cm but now 70%-80% effaced but the inner part of my cervix wasn't open so she couldn't do the membrane sweep which now I think is a good thing that I didn't have it done. I'm am totally not going to have her check me again till atleast my due date and then I'll think again about the membrane sweep. I

I have a really stubborn cervix this time! My last pregnancy, I was dilated to 3cm and 70% at 37 weeks AND my cervix was open enough to do a membrane sweep...I don't know what is going on this time...I just really feel like nothing is happening, I'm not upset or anything, I just don't feel like I'm getting close, I still feel like I'm really far from my due date, KWIM? I just can't help but think that I will get very close to 42 weeks before I have this baby.
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