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October 13th, 2009, 09:16 PM
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Hi ladies! I've been checking in here & there and responding to what I can.. it's been tough!

Parker had his well-baby visit on Monday, good timing because I really needed to talk to the ped. about his reflux. MAN it's gotten nasty.
He's up to 7lbs15oz from his birth weight of 7lbs10oz, which is the 25th percentile and is in the 75th for height so far.

We got him on Axid for reflux twice a day, which is like Zantac without the alcohol. I feel like his dosage may need to be upped, because he is happy as a clam fr a couple of hours after his first dose and then everything goes to pure hell before his 2nd dose. He screamed for most of the day today, waking Holden from his nap twice. I really felt like I was going to lose it, but then I popped him in his carseat and took him and Holden outside and in 2 minutes flat he was knocked OUT. It always worked for Holden, too.

Holden is adjusting MUCH better now. He doesn't hate me anymore and helps me burp Parker and brings him everything he needs. He is VERY jealous when Thomas is holding him though. Go fig.

Things are getting better. Tomorrow will be my 3rd day alone with both boys.. it's been tough, I won't lie!

Here are some new pics

I need a new camera!
Jenny, Mommy to Holden Milo 9-17-07 & Parker Cadence 9-30-09

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