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October 17th, 2009, 07:04 AM
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My original due date was October 15th 2009 --- I ended up with a scheduled c-section on October 8th 2009. Everything went well with the c-section -- this was my second section so I was a bit more nervous because I knew what to expect but everything went well and it was over with really quick --- Sophie was born at 11:12 am she was 8lbs 5ozs but she was filled with tons of fluid -- my DH and I were a bit nervous when the first pulled her out because she wasn't really crying but that was because they had to suction her a bit longer to get out all of her fluid.

I was only in recovery for a bout 2 hours and then was taken up to my room. While in recovery they allowed Ella to come down to meet her baby sister ---- that was a very emotional moment for me -- just seeing Ella in awww of her sister -- I tried not to cry because I didn't want to scare her. But I will cherish that moment forever!

I stayed 5 days in the hospital -- in on Thursday out on Monday --- I ended up with a hormonal migraine they called it Saturday night -- it was the worst pain I had ever felt --- I just kept putting ice packs on my head -- nothing was takening it away -- I would take the motrin and Tyenol with codeine and nothing would take it away --- it was awful -- but eventually it went away and after a bit I felt better.

Sophie lost over 11% of her body weight in the hospital -- but she is def gaining since we have been home -- she was a bit jaundice too but that seems to have gone away --- Otherwise I think she is perfect!!!

Nursing was going pretty well in the hospital -- I just couldn't get her to latch on my left side so I would just pump that side -- but since we have been home she has latched onto the left side -- I am nursing her mostly during the day and pumping and then supplementing at night with formula --- it seems to be working for us so far -- I am going to a breast feeding support group today at the local hospital just to ask some questions since I am new to this whole breastfeeding --- I'm not sure when my supply will increase -- types of foods to eat -- things of that nature --

DH was home with me all week and that was nice -- but he goes back to work on Monday --- my mom is coming up today to visit with us for a week -- I'm excited to have her here --- her and I have a shopping date on Sunday and I am so looking forward to getting out of the house for a bit since I've been in the house all week long!!!!!

I wanted to say congrats to all the mamma's who have had their babies -- and to those mamas who are waiting --- Goodluck!!!!!!!!!
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